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SCSI stands for, “School Center for Special Instruction.” I know I wouldn’t mess with Miss Brunson after getting in trouble! But since the show she has been working as a physical education teacher, and attended Miami Northwestern in the early 1990s, where she was a track and field athlete and a basketball standout, who went on to play for Tennessee State.South Beach Tow also portrays Tremont Towing engaging in several disputes with a rival towing company called The Finest Towing (which eventually becomes Goodfellas).

Wednesdays — is scripted, and the trashy meet wacky scenarios are dramatic re-enactments. Yes, the company does exist and they really tow cars. He was so nice; he helped me adjust my camera, took pictures and talked with the kids. Bernice of South Beach Tow’s real name is Lakatriona Brunson.My daughter is a huge fan of Bernice and was disappointed to find out she is only there when they are filming. Lakatronia graduated from Miami Northwest High School in 1995, she also attended Tennessee State University. According to her Linked In profile Miss Brunson works (possibly worked) for the Miami-Dade Public County School System.Tremont Towing continues to rival with Finest, now named "Goodfellas" - which is now part of Tremont.After the Mid-Season Finale of Season 3, Perez convinced Robbie to work on the side with him at his own towing company which was called R&P Towing (Robbie & Perez).

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I was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital and raised in Miami. Why do you think people don’t obey parking/traffic laws? Money creates monsters, and I tow all kinds of monsters’ cars. I was towed by Tremont twice: Once while working for them as a joke (not funny) and once when I was younger.

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