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Version 5.0 of pdfa Pilot supports the recently-published release candidate for the ZUGFe RD data format.Inovo Olution Gmb H, as part of its input management solution NOVO Mail, will demonstrate how to make invoice information available wherever needed as part of the overall workflow process..If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sela Ward.The Romans appraised the right as what he configures yourself of form he legitimizes of logical, legal, moral the point of view independent them time circumstances and place.A draft of the German translation is available to view and comment on until 22 September 2013.

ZUGFe RD (a German acronym standing for Central User Guidelines for Electronic Billing in Germany) was developed by the Forum for Electronic Billing in Germany with significant involvement from the PDF Association.

Lura Tech Europe Gmb H will use Lexware's ERP system as an example of how a practical integrated solution can create and process digital invoices.

Many other members, including Actino Software Gmb H, intarsys consulting Gmb H and PDFlib Gmb H, also provide ZUGFe RD-related solutions.

Visitors will also be able to learn in detail about ongoing developments with the PDF/UA standard (where UA stands for Universal Accessibility).

Published in July 2012 as ISO standard ISO 14289-1, it is also due to be published in German soon by the standardisation institute DIN.

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